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Every DJ has their own personal style. Some like dub-step, some like crunk and some just chill out with trance. It doesn't matter what you groove on – the Dr. Drum Platinum set has it with the new 700MB kit upgrade.  

These kits give you even more options when you are ready to lay down tracks and get serious about your beats. You'll have lots more sounds than ever before and be able to mix to the max.  

You'll be able to import these kits to any tracks you are laying down in a matter of seconds. You can even mix and match between different kits to create an entirely new sound that will be your own! 

It takes the Dr. Drum experience to the max! 

I've personally selected these kits to make sure that they cover any type of music you want to create with Dr. Drum. I've gone through each kit and made sure they are the highest quality possible. They will help you rock out!  


It took me months to select and sort these new kits out to make sure they are perfect for anyone who wants to lay down beats with Dr. Drum. I did so because I am dedicated to making the Dr. Drum experience as hopping as possible.  

Now, I could charge you an arm and a leg for these new kits – because they will give you hundreds of new options when it comes down to making your beats. But I'm in this for the music, not the Benjamins.  

So, you have to ask yourself: Do I want more kits right now so I can be a super DJ, or do I want to risk never having access to these kits again?  

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You'll find sites out there that claim to offer you new kits for your beat maker for free. But those sites are bogus. We all know nothing is really free and you only get what you pay for.  

Most of those people offering you free kits haven't got the license to the music. That means that if you download their kits and use them in your mix, you could get sued by the record companies.

And, you'll never be able to sell the tracks you lay down because you won't have the rights to the kits you've used.  

Some of the free kits out there even contain viruses and malware that can destroy your computer. Do you want to risk that just to get a kicking groove? 

You don't have to worry about that when you also purchase Dr. Drum Platinum today!  

I've made sure I've got all the licenses to every track in every kit. You can use them however you want, and never have to worry about getting sued. And, I've made sure that each kit is completely virus free.  

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It's really simple – the more kits you have, the more beats you can lay down!

When it comes to creating beats, you want access to the newest and best kits possible – so you don't sound too old school.  

You don't want to get stuck with out of date kits your dad would dance to; you want new beats that give you up to date sounds.

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