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One of the best ways to advertise is on video sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metcafe etc, this is the perfect advertising platform because it is absolutely flooded with music lovers and budding musicians.

To attract visitors to your link or site upload videos showing you making beats on the software and adding your link in the description.

These videos are very popular and if done right regularly get tens of thousands of views and some even go into the millions.

Note: Feel free to use and alter the videos on our channel HERE

Or download the Raw .Avi files below (make sure to alter the video in some way before re-uploading so it wont show as a duplicate)


Video 1 Example HERE (Promo Video): Video 1 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

Video 2 Example HERE (Promo Video): Video 2 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

Video 3 Example HERE (Promo Video): Video 3 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

Video 4 Example HERE (Promo Video): Video 4 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

Video 5 Example HERE (Promo Video): Video 5 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

Video 6 Example HERE (Beat Making Tutorial): Video 6 Raw .Avi Download HERE:

More Coming Shortly... Check Back Soon!


Note: We suggest turning off the comments in your videos as people will expect you to answer support questions when they should be directed to our staff.

Note: When writing your video description make sure the very first thing you put there is a link to your website/landing page, people very often don't expand the description so if you put it further down it will be missed by a lot of visitors losing you potential revenue.



If you need any help or have any questions whatsoever don't hesitate to contact us at

We will reply ASAP

The Dr Drum Team

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